April 10, 2009

birthday blessing!!!!

We were just about to out for lunch - hubby got a text fromuniversity that a tornado is coming. Thankgod we didnt go there are alot of tormsdoes -the rest. We were gpnna goto got hit it was the center of it all. There are more.still but. So far we are huddled in the bathroom.

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Janet said...

Lifting you guys up in prayer for your safety and those around you. Please keep us updated.

Moira said...

Oh my goodness!!

Be safe!!

Update when you can to let us know you made it through okay.

Gina said...

Melissa, I though of you when I saw the news footage. It passed over us here in Hermitage. Hope all is well. I'm not too far away email if you need anything. makeyellow@aol.com

Scrapping Julie said...

your in murfreesboro right??
i saw the news of some damage there. i am glad you are safe. storms hit here in mt juliet and the warning sirens were going but no damage. again, glad you are ok!

Megan said...

Where are you from?
Please keep us updated to how things are...will be thinking of you and your family

Anonymous said...

wow...did you take the piccie? Glad to hear you are fine! Saw the news and it did not look good!