April 10, 2009

Middle Age!!

Its official I am middle age. I am 40 today. I feel so sad about it, especially because my parents aren't here to celebrate it with me. I still feel like I am 20. Its time to go for dermabrasion and a facial!! I am going to spoil myself tomorrow and get a pedicure and manicure.

Of course today had to be Good Friday, so the kids are home! UGH I cant catch a break. Thats Life! LOL

Hope everyone has a good Easter.


Janet said...

Melissa - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. I hope you have a great one. I am sorry your parents weren't able to be there, but you sound like you're going to be enjoying yourself tomorrow - what a great treat. Enjoy the kids and have a great weekend.


Martha said...


AngelRenee said...

Happy Birthday.. Welcome to a new adventure in aging..



Danni said...

Happy Birthday! I'll be hitting the 4-0 this year too, makes you really evaluate your life, huh?
Hope it's a good day for you!

Moira said...

Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you Melissa...ONly 40 you babe you! I am 50 at the end of the year...BWaaaah...but then, the alternative is not really cool...so I say...enjoy!