April 10, 2009


We are okay. My area was not affected, just a few miles north and south got hit really hard. A few deaths and alot of homes demolished. So much for Good Friday.
Look at these pictures of the devastation

the tornado was an E4..

Cant believe this actually happened here.


AnnMarie said...

Thank goodness you guys are ok! I will be thinking about you! Take care! : )

Scrubbysue said...

I heard the stories about the tornadoes on the news. How sad. : (
I'm so glad to hear you all are okay. Please know your in my thoughts melissa.

Carmen said...

WOW... glad to hear that you are ok.

Lesly said...

So glad to hear that you're okay. Take care.

April said...

I'm so glad you were safe! What an amazing picture!

stampencamper said...

unbeleiveable pictures on tornado; I had to do a google to see what state the police car was from. glad you are ok, but the devastation
will be seen for years