November 22, 2008

Have I been living under a rock?

I think I have been living under a rock! I finally started scrapbooking again after a year off, since we moved to a new state. I ordered all my 400 pictures, YES 400!! And I sat down to scrap and I am so overwhelmed!

So tonight I went to the Hobby Lobby to get inspired. I went to the sticker area, I got even more overwhelmed!!

So I walked around and I saw Kits --- Scrapbooking Kits!! OMG what a fantastic idea! I bought them all!! lol I scored a baseball kit at the Hobby Lobby! I wish they had more than one

If anyone know who else sells kits, please share with me, I have two toddlers a boy and a girl so I need all types of Kits. So this is how I plan on doing al my scrapbooking from now on. KITS!

It will make my life much easier. and I can do more cards! :)



Kristin said...

Storytellers Club! It's an online 'store"... you sign up for their monthly kits. I STRONGLY recommend doing their more expensive one (you get corrdinating cardstock and bonus layout ideas).

Jennie said...

I love using kits and Kristin has some wonderful ideas! I saved an email from her with tips, she is a scrapbooking queen!

Melanie said...

Melissa I get kits from Life Preserve Club. They have a monthly kit club and I love it. You can also get kits from local scrapbook stores. I have also ordered some from and LOVE THEM!! That is my fav place to get them because they are affordable and made of GREAT quality.

fishlips said...

All my pictures are still in big plastic bens... I know I will be so overwhelmed when I open that ben...I will open it one day...I understand...beleve me!!!!