October 28, 2008

Unmounting your Stampin Up Wheels Video

I have to admit I really hate the whole wheel idea. Buying cartridges and the wheel roller is such a waste. I rather spend my money on stamps. So had a few wheels laying around, not being used.

Today I decided to unmount and while doing that I made a video on how to do it. In the end of the video you will see how I used my Angel Company acrylic blocks to stamp. I also want to mention that these are easy to store in DVD Cases or in any other stamp storage system you may have. It will save you room and lots of money on cartridges so you can buy more Angel Company stamps! :)

The Acrylic Block are available on my website... Click here.

I recommend the 1 1/2 x 8 inch OR the starter kit, i used the biggest one in the starter kit on my video

Those yummy Kai scissors to cut your stamps with are available here - they make a great investment!

You can also purchase the Creative Cling from The Angel Company

I am planning on making more videos real soon now that I figured out Windows Movie Maker.

I will be showing how you can stamp the back of your unmounted stamps soon too. I know alot of people like to see the image before they stamp. Stay Tuned!

The music on my video is by Dr John!


Melisa Waldorf Angel #4405 said...

Great tutorial Melissa. I just bought my first wheel recently. Now your making me wonder why I did it. hehe.

stampin'fool said...

thanks for showing that. I hate my wheels and never use them cause they are a pain in the rear. lol.

Heavenly Blessed said...

how interesting....I would of never thought...you would for sure use them more this way!

Jennie said...

Nice tutorial! I rarely use my wheels....might just try it. Have a great day!

Melanie said...

This rocks, thank you! I have been wondering how to unmount these and am so happy you showed up. Thanks a ton!!

Anonymous said...


I actally am going against the norm here. I don't mind my wheels but discovered about 8 years ago, maybe more, that to do them justice, I needed to have the placement ruler. I use them with whatever inkpad I have laying around the place because I don't have a money tree in the back yard, but the effect I can get with them isn't too shabby.

(Qld. Australia)
SCS Blogger 3

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial Melissa. I also cut apart my wheel rubber if there are boxed shapes or multiples with variations. (You can always join them together if you want the long look.)

Can't wait to see the next video!