July 23, 2008

I have been tagged!

I have been tagged by jackie
Thank you Jackie, This is my first time :)

I need to answer the following questions and then tag 5 or 6 fellow bloggers by visiting their blogs and inviting them over to mine so that they can see what the requirements are!

Ten years ago:- Was planning my wedding with my mom who is now deceased. It all seems like a million years ago.

Five things in today’s ‘to do’ list:- Stamp, Create, Love, Smile and Enjoy Life

Snacks I enjoy:- I am not much of a snacker, I do love sweet tea.

Things I would do if I was a millionaire:- This one is easy. I would buy every singe stamp from all the companies I love. And then buy a house for JUST my stamps and my storage. Yes I would need an entire wing of the house. I would also hire a professional designer to design my ultimate space. It would be fab!!! I would invite Jackie over we would create untill the sun came up with drinks and shrimps!

Places I have lived: I lived in NY all my life, until recently we moved to Tennessee.

So, I would like to tag
Melissa B

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jlyne said...

Love u tag comments:) I wanna come over to play!!!!